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      Company profile

      Baoji XILI precision machinery co., LTD Is located in a beautiful environment of Shaanxi Baoji high technology development zone. We are a collection of precision machine tool, research and development, manufacturing, sales and service in a body has self-supported import and export right of foreign trade, has a high technology enterprise of technology center in Shanxi Province.

      After years of steady and rapid development become a have Baoji XILI precision machinery co., LTD,  Chengdu XILI technology co., LTD.,  Ningbo XiBoLi intelligent equipment co., LTD., Shenzhen XILI precision machinery co., LTD., such as these modern companies.

      Company research and development production of XKC-20F series, XKC-30F series, XKC-40F series, XKC-20H series, XKC-25H series and XKC-30H series high precision flatbed knife type CNC lathes; XKC-7520A series, XKC-7520E slant bed knife type precision CNC lathes; XKC-40A series, XKC-7530A series, XKC-7540A series and XKC-HTN50 series slant bed turret precision CNC lathes; XKC -STN45 series, XKC-STN50 series flatbed turret precision CNC lathes and XKC-D20 double spindle flatbed knife type precision CNC lathe; XKC-J32 series and XKC-42Y series precision turning milling machine; XKC-B35 double spindle precision turn-mill combination; XKC-30C, XKC-30G and XKC-30M series ultraprecise CNC lathes; XKC-Z15, XKC-Z30, XKC-Z500 and XKC-Z700 high precision and speed drilling tapping center; XKC-L800 and XKC-L1000 high precision speed vertical machining center; XKC-20 ceramic core CNC spherical grinding machine; XKC-S16B, XKC-S20B, XKC-T20B and XKC-T32B precision Swisstype CNC machines with various specifications of the single, double, multiple machine automation processing unit. Above machines adopt Japan FANUC system, Japan THK or NSK high precision ball screw, Japan THK high-precision linear guide rail, Japan NSK high precision bearing, Germany KTR coupling or R + W; the main electric components, wire, high strength bolt all adopt the imported parts.

      Spindle dancing accuracy < 2microns, repetitive positioning accuracy <2microns, processing parts of roundness, surface roughness can reach 0.2microns~0.4microns, within tolerance consistency can be reached 0.3microns, ensure the machine long time high precision operation. For the aerospace, instrumentation, medical equipment, pneumatic components, special motor, communications electronics, refrigeration, automobile, war industry, optics, nuclear industry, watch industry, foreign trade finishing industries provides enough product support. The products are sold all over the country and exported to Japan, European Union, Korea, Russia, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, India, Myanmar, Vietnam and other countries and Taiwan.

      In learning the concept of machine tool design of advanced foreign technology and at the same time, committed to technological innovation and technology improvement, strive to cultivate the spirit of craftsman, machine some of the key performance indicators meet or exceed the advanced level abroad. Machine tools in addition to the basic configuration, knife type machine tools equipped with special tailstock, center rest, the configuration high-pressure cutting fluid system, equipped with automatic transmission parts, automatic feeder, the knife instrument such as attachments, can realize the automatic unattended for a long time for processing. Cs shaft contour control, power tool unit development, vehicle milling and other compound processing, effectively improve the precision and efficiency of complex parts processing.

      The company has a group of technical elites and excellent management team, with precision machining equipment and sophisticated detection equipment, has a perfect quality assurance system, have the product of a timely delivery and thoughtful service, providing customers with better and more humanize guarantee.

      We hope to be your trustworthy friend and thriving assistant!


      service hotline:+86-0917-8915000


      Copyright reserved: BAOJI XILI PRECISION MACHINERY CO.,LTD Technical support:DAYOU123 E-mail:bjxlxkc@163.com